Cyber Essentials Plus

Expert support in achieving this advanced security standard, approved by the government.

A more in-depth cyber security framework devised within GCHQ for organisations needing greater security.

Many businesses will require far more than minimum good standards for managing their cyber security. And if this is you, gaining or maintaining Cyber Essentials Plus is a sensible step towards this. Like Cyber Essentials, it is still developed by the National Cyber Security Centre within GCHQ. But it goes much further and external verification is mandatory rather than optional.

Whilst it is still centred around the five key security measures of: securing your devices and software; securing your internet connection; controlling access to data and services; keeping devices and software up to date; and protecting your business from viruses and other malware, it is more involved and it is tailored to the complexity of your organisation. You can expect an internal and external vulnerability scan as well as an on-site assessment.

We provide a full Cyber Essential Plus service for gaining and renewing the accreditation, and indeed offer this as standard as part of our full Managed IT Support package. Whether you use us on this as a standalone service, or for ongoing Managed IT Support, our established processes will ensure you gain accreditation with a minimum of fuss.

What are the benefits of obtaining Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation?

• Build on the measures implemented in Cyber Essentials to reduce your cyber threat levels by well over 80%.
• Develop a sterling reputation for cyber security.
• Allow you to sell your services based on IT excellence and data security.
• Adopt a strategic approach to IT security to control the costs.
• Open the door to bidding on government contracts where Cyber Essentials certification is a requirement.
• Gain peace of mind that your cybersecurity is well managed.

Our approach to helping you gain Cyber Essentials Plus:

• A thorough audit to establish what measures you have in place and where you are vulnerable.
• A report which outlines the action plan to strengthen your systems and develop any new measures which are required.
• Implementation of the plan, carefully done so as to disrupt your business as little as possible.
• A second audit to check that all the new measures are working as they were designed to, and fulfil the requirements for Cyber Essentials Plus.
• Your Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation is confirmed.

Trust us for your Cyber Essentials Plus certification

Our team of experts are fully insured with years of experience working alongside organisations with 1 to 250 users.

In particular, our experience with charities, legal services, and financial services really sets us above the rest. We are vendor certified and use industry-leading processes, tools and systems. We give you direct engineer access and are Cyber Essentials Plus certified ourselves.

Oh, and we balance expertise and professionalism with approachability and friendliness.

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