Since the pandemic, boundaries have been blurred more than ever between work and home lives. Hybrid and remote working is far more prevalent than before, and at the same time the world is becoming ever more digital.

While this obviously presents a lot of opportunity, it also throws down challenges to businesses trying to keep a handle on who works on what device, where your data is actually stored and what happens if (or when) there is a problem with a device.

To demonstrate the scale, one source suggested that 67% of employees use a personal device at work, and 87% of businesses are dependent on their team to access mobile business apps from their smartphone.

Our Microsoft Intune service

We can help you utilise Microsoft Intune to stay on top of your team’s devices. We will:

  • Integrate Microsoft Intune into your business as your cloud-based endpoint management solution.
  • Set up and manage all users and devices for you no matter what the operating system.
  • Simplify app management and automate policy deployment across your active devices.

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Find out more about Microsoft Intune today

Talk to our Microsoft experts today to find out what’s involved in setting up Intune for your business. We can answer any questions you have and let you know what you need to do to get started.