Cyber security is one of the top level concerns for businesses in this day and age. One event has the potential to shut down operations for days impacting profit and turnover, and there is reputational and regulatory risk as well.

In 2023, about six out of ten medium sized businesses reported a breach or attack in the previous 12 months, and about half had undertaken a cyber security review. 

No two businesses (or charities) are likely to have precisely the same cyber security needs, and our experts advise on a range of solutions to match the budget operations and stakes of if something was to go wrong. 

Why choose Nebula?


We are focused on fuelling our community with intelligent technology solutions. We want to help you be your best using technology.


We build excellent relationships with technology partners so our clients can access the best solutions and support.


As technology specialists, we know how quickly things can change. We are responsive to change too, in you are clients and the latest tech.


Based on the edge of Bristol we are local experts to organisations in the South West, South Wales and the Cotswolds.


We genuinely care about the impact that we make, through our service and our charitable activities.


We are fun to work with, and bring our energy and enthusiasm to every client.

Discuss your cyber security requirements with us

No business or charity can afford to neglect their cyber security posture in a continuously evolving landscape.  Book in a talk with one of our experts to discuss your needs and the types of solution that could work for you.