Cyber Advice

If you want to tap in to the knowledge and experience of a qualified cyber security advisor, but don’t have the expertise in-house, Nebula’s Cyber Advice services are the answer.

Consultancy services can be either one-off projects or on-going improvement plans to get your cyber security to where it needs to be.

UK small businesses are targeted with 65,000 cyber-attacks per day. And over 4,500 of these attacks are successful. This means that a small business is successfully breached every 19 seconds. There is a massive benefit to the UK economy when cyber security is a core focus for all companies. It makes the UK a safer place for domestic and international investors and ensures secure operations wherever you are in the supply chain.

Our cyber advice services are designed to help you to understand where cyber risks lie, find the software and hardware solutions that are suitable for your situation and budget, develop a cyber security culture in your business that filters from the top down, and drive good practice across the whole organisation.


Organisations can implement Clear Path Cyber for the comfort of our monthly ongoing program.

This package is more personal with on-site visits and optional board meeting attendance.

  • In person visit every other month
  • Consultancy call in-between visits
  • Attendance at board meetings/Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Fixed program for the year
  • Templates/email support
  • Additional days at reduced rate


Cyber Assist is suitable for the organisation that is fairly confident with their Cyber Security but requires some assistance with a few specific points.

This is also ideal for Cyber Essentials renewals.

  • 2-3 remote sessions, 1-2 hours each
  • Fixed price light touch consultancy
  • Already confident about what needs doing
  • Need to ask a few questions

Cyber Advice outcomes

We’ll always make sure your investment in cyber advice delivers measurable results. Whether that is a comprehensive action plan to follow or the achievement of a recognised cyber security accreditation.

  • A detailed implementation plan will show you the exact steps you need to take to progress your Cyber Security to the next level.
  • When you need some Cyber Essentials feedback, we will identify the gaps and provide you the advice or solutions to reach the standard.
  • Attendance at board meetings gives you the comfort of having one of our specialists to sit in and provide you the information you need when you need it.

Work with one of our cyber advisors today

The Cyber Advice packages we offer will provide you with the tools, advice, and confidence to not only grow your Cyber Security exponentially, but also improve your ability in finding the answers to your own questions.