Email Security

Nebula can bring you multi-layer protection to shield your staff from malicious emails which could breach your business systems.

But because of its pervasiveness, and the constant human interaction (therefore exposure to human error) cyber criminals love to target it for introducing their malicious software into businesses. Left unguarded it is one of the easiest routes to success for them – and catastrophe for you.

As email security experts, we can get your business following best standards, through a combination of user awareness training, automated software which filters out almost all threats and other defences like multi-factor authentication (MFA).

email security

Our email security service

We have vast experience in keeping SMEs safe from email security threats. We will:

  • Install cutting-edge AI powered email security software to detect, block and neutralise the majority of threats.
  • Provide user awareness training so that your staff know how to spot suspicious emails and respond appropriately.
  • Help you introduce further security measures that make it harder for cyber criminals to breach you through email, such as use of MFA on account sign-ins.
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We are passionate about ensuring no business is under undue risk from email security. We would love to discuss with you what you will need to keep you safe. Arrange a consultation today.