Microsoft Cloud

As it is for many, the cloud may still be a fluffy term to you, or you may be quite up to speed with what it means. Already 60% if the world’s corporate data is stored in the cloud. 

To be clear, it essentially means that computer data, software and even processing power are taken off your physical devices and stored remotely in secure data centres, always backed up easily and scalable. 

If you are concerned about constantly having to update hardware or software licences, want better security protocols or just need the peace of mind that your business is future proof, then talk to us about the cloud. 

Our Cloud service

Introducing cloud technologies to our clients is one of our core services at Nebula, matching our vision of fuelling our community with intelligent technology solutions.

  • We will take time to understand your business, ensuring the cloud solutions we suggest are aligned to your business strategy. 
  • We will advise you on the best solutions, taking a holistic approach which factors in budget, goals, regulation, security and more. 
  • We will implement your chosen solution and provide ongoing support as required. 
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Begin your cloud journey with Nebula 

Benefit from our cloud expertise and get the right solutions for your organisation. We are happy to answer any basic questions or set up a discovery meeting to discuss your business in more depth.