Cyber Essentials Plus

Cybercrime is a considerable problem for organisations of any kind operating online. In 2022, 39% of UK businesses reported suffering a cyberattack – and yet, many business owners, heads of charities and senior managers are not sufficiently informed about the support available to them. 

Cyber Essentials is a dependable – and in some cases indispensable – government backed scheme that helps protect your business against a whole host of cyberattacks. 

Cyber Essentials Plus encompasses all the benefits of the former but with the additional advantage of a technical verification carried out by an accredited professional.  

It provides you with greater peace of mind, distinguishes your business from its competitors as more security conscious and, ultimately, can help drive revenue from customers who are especially cautious and therefore particularly discerning in their choices. 

Our Cyber Essentials Plus service 

At Nebula, we can help you gain this additional layer of verification. 

  • We will perform a bespoke audit of your business and identify any areas that may require increased security and protection from fraud and cybercrime. 
  • We will test your internet gateways and servers to ensure all your public-facing services are as secure as possible. 
  • We will assess the vulnerability of both your on-site and off-site system configurations to protect your business as a whole, and render it less exposed to the risks presented by cybercrime. 

Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation made easy

At Nebula, we’re equipped with all the knowledge and experience to help organisations like yours acquire the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation – taking the hard work out of it for you. Talk to us to find out more.