Windows 365

When you are running an SME where the workforce is growing rapidly or fluctuates, matching IT resources to your headcount can be a challenge.

Having redundant machines when the workforce shrinks or making constant capital outlays when you are growing can each present their own challenges.

Virtual computing solutions are a great answer to these problems. Azure Virtual Desktop is one way of doing this in a catch-all system, and Windows 365 offers more nimble per user virtual PCs – each user effectively has their own PC in the cloud.

So instead of having to spend on new machines which will slowly go out of date as time goes by, you by licences for Windows 365 and just access all the computing power you need via the cloud, with just screens and keyboards or similar necessary for your interface.

Our Windows 365 service

We specialise in advising companies on the benefits that the latest technology can bring, and getting you thriving with Windows 365 is just one such example. We will:

  • Advise you on the best licensing options and arrange procurement.
  • Get employees set up and provide any training necessary.
  • Integrate with other technology systems to give you maximum value.

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Find out more about Windows 365

We love educating businesses and charities about new technologies that will help them be more productive. To find out how Windows 365 can help you, please get in touch.