Virtual CTO services

About one in three SMEs have identified a chief technology officer (CTO) as their most sought-after role, showing the importance of having a technology champion within the business to understand the opportunities and the threats.

From struggling to free up the budget to have a full-time CTO to not finding the right person in a tough recruitment market, you may be experiencing many difficulties in meeting this need in your business. This is where our consultancy service can help.

We fill the role that a CTO would perform, assessing how established and emerging technology can be used and optimised within your business to make productivity gains, simplify workloads, enhance cybersecurity and more.

From attending and actively participating in board meetings to leading or advising your IT function and procuring specialist services or equipment we design our consultancy service around your needs.

IT Risk Management

We thoroughly analyse your infrastructure, policies, processes and risk history to map your exposures. We’ll discuss risk scenarios and your priorities so we can customise your plan. We’ll provide:

  • A flexible programme scaled to fit your business needs and budget.
  • Services which combine automated scanning tools and human expert audits.
  • A service which not only identifies issues, but also offers practical remediation guidance.

Project Management

Our experienced IT project managers can integrate with your business for the duration of the implementation. We will:

  • Utilise project management tools and processes to develop an organised plan.
  • Schedule and chair meetings, and prepare documentation to underpin the smooth running of the new system.
  • Direct resources to the right times and places to bring the project to a successful close.


We are experienced in helping both regulated organisations and MoD supply chain firms use technology to stay compliant. We can listen to your concerns and suggest technologies which are the right fit for you. We’ll:

  • Optimise your use of the Microsoft stack to support key compliance tasks.
  • Suggest and set up solutions from a host of other technologies that can protect, interrogate and report on data as per your needs.
  • Help you use compliance to gain and retain extra accreditations useful to your business.
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Find out more about our virtual CTO service today

It is no small decision to bring in a virtual CTO, and it is essential you find the right fit. We are confident that with our years of experience, and passion for helping SMEs – especially regulated ones – we can help. Get in touch with us to find out more.