IT Resiliency

Whether or not you sell things on the Internet, you are still probably an online business – like most companies.

With client databases, online banking, employee records and communications channels all heavily reliant on computer systems; if they are taken offline, so are your operations.

Government sources cite nearly one in every three businesses having a cyber breach or attack in just the last year. So how confident are you that your systems could withstand an attack?

We can answer that question for you through our IT resiliency consultancy. It is an expert appraisal of all your computer systems designed to help you understand if they are fit for purpose. And we do not stop at just your security from attack. We will also examine your resilience against other risks and your future plans for growth.

Our IT resilience consultancy

Our consultancy team have vast experience in testing the IT resilience of SME organisations. We can:

  • Talk with your senior leaders to understand the nature of your company and its operations.
  • Perform a series of manual and automated testing protocols to test your IT resiliency.
  • Provide you with a detailed report on your level of IT resilience and how you can improve it if this is necessary.
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Talk to us about your IT resilience

If you want to find out more about your company’s IT resilience, please get in touch to arrange a discussion with our expert consultants. We can talk you through your options and arrange any next steps.