Sight Research UK


Sight Research UK are a wonderful charity who work tirelessly to fund early diagnostics and scientific research. Their goal is to stop the clock on sight loss and fund revolutionary sight-saving research.

The task

After moving their workforce to a new building in April 2020, the team at Sight Research UK needed support in their transition to a “digital office”.

They wanted to migrate to the cloud and needed to find an IT company in Bristol who could provide ongoing support, both physically and digitally.

Our response

Sight Research UK use Nebula for three key services:

  • Tailored IT support
  • Microsoft & cloud support
  • Bespoke cyber security

As Sight Research UK’s resources are somewhat stretched, our plan was to streamline their processes and ensure that their IT wasn’t a source of headaches, allowing them to focus on their important work. 

Our team at Nebula took the time to tailor the solution to the team, assigning a single point of contact to make the process easy and keep the support side of things manageable.

Following a successful migration to the cloud, we also implemented bespoke cyber security measures to ensure that their data was secure, especially when remote working (which they often do). This consisted of a full install of Microsoft Defender endpoint and protection for all working laptops.

The impact

Since partnering with Nebula, Sight Research UK have had zero days of downtime! Not only that, but they described our CEO Chris as the “Klopp of the IT sector”, an accolade we’re incredibly proud of (he’s been telling everyone who will listen!). 

“In every interaction, be it with the support, accounts or project team, Nebula have been experts in their field and have been friendly and supportive at every stage. At a time when nothing was easy, Nebula made everything seamless and easy – we can’t recommend them enough!”

Sight Research UK rely on our agile approach at Nebula, enjoying ad-hoc support and proactive advice as necessary (we’re always working to keep our partners up to date on everything IT!), helping to prevent issues from arising in the future.