Wem & Co Chartered Accountants

The task

WEM & Co’s existing on-premises IT infrastructure had become increasingly complex and difficult to manage. They were relying on multiple ageing servers, some with failing hardware, which led to frequent downtime and disruptions to their business. Additionally, the firm’s remote workers and external partners faced slow and unreliable VPN connections when accessing business-critical applications and data.

These IT challenges posed risks to WEM & Co’s operations and had the potential to undermine their ability to serve clients effectively. The firm recognised the need to modernise their infrastructure to improve reliability, security and remote accessibility.

Our response

Having started working with WEM & Co providing IT support a few months earlier, Nebula IT was well-positioned to assess the firm’s needs and propose a comprehensive solution. After carefully reviewing the situation, we recommended the implementation of an Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) environment.

The AVD solution would allow WEM & Co to host their applications and data on secure virtual servers in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-premises hardware and the associated maintenance. This approach would significantly reduce the complexity of the IT infrastructure and improve reliability, as the virtual environment would be managed by Microsoft.

To further enhance security and device management, Nebula IT also recommended enrolling WEM & Co’s devices into Microsoft Intune, a cloud-based device management platform. This would enable the firm to centrally manage and secure all devices, regardless of their location or ownership.

The impact

The implementation of the AVD and Intune solution was just what WEM & Co needed. By moving to a cloud-based infrastructure, the firm experienced a significant reduction in IT-related downtime and critical incidents that would have previously stopped multiple users from working.

The new setup also reduced the overall risk to the business, as data and applications were now hosted in a highly secure, cloud-based environment. This allowed WEM & Co to meet their FCA compliance requirements more effectively.

Additionally, the modernised IT infrastructure enabled WEM & Co’s employees to work remotely more securely and efficiently, facilitating better collaboration and service delivery to their clients.

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