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20 May 2021
Author: Phoebe

In a world where data security is a top priority, recycling our electronics may be a scary thought.

Many offices are filled with electronic waste that is no longer used, for one reason or another, but we often don’t know what to do with the redundant IT equipment we have. It is inevitable, of course, that businesses will get through electronics at a faster pace than an individual user, but what can you do to ensure you are disposing of your old equipment securely and in the most environmentally friendly way?


There are many concerns when it comes to disposing of old equipment, as for many businesses the risk that data remains on each machine could cause damaging effects. In fact, many businesses opt for tools such as industrial shredders to eradicate that risk. However, although these may seem like a cheap and easy way of destroying your kit, we should recognise that many of the materials used to make your IT equipment are in fact recyclable.

According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), At least 25% of our WEEE waste could be repaired and re-used.

Recycling companies

At Nebula, we encourage our customers to recycle or re-use old equipment as we understand the importance of safe disposal.

Did you know that most IT recycling companies offer collection for free, and will dispose of your equipment in a proper and secure manner? Many will also offer certificates to prove that your equipment has been disposed of correctly and wipe all data from the machines given to them.

Recycling is something we highly recommend to our customers, however, we do suggest that you research the company you chose to ensure that they are not only trusted but also disposing of your waste in a way that aligns with your company and customer policies.

Business responsibility

Of course, there are many negatives associated with a data breach, and these may for some outway the benefits of recycling. As a whole though, businesses around the world should take greater control of data removal on devices, as this not only complies with laws and processes but can also potentially extend the life of your equipment.

The challenge of electronic waste is ever-growing, and as a business, why not demonstrate that you are doing your part to minimise it.

We are not here to tell you what to do however, it is up to your business how you dispose of old equipment, and for many, this may not be something you can readily change. But working towards greener IT together is an issue that many can address – Be responsible, do your research and know your options!

How can Nebula help?

Like we always say, we are only a phone call away. Although recycling is not a service we currently offer, we are happy to give advice on any old equipment you may have and also offer guidance as to how to remove your data from these devices. If this is something you would like more guidance about, talk to us today!

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