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Why it’s time to transform your business by migrating to the cloud.

12 Oct 2021
Author: Phoebe

Whether we realise it or not, cloud computing has transformed our lives over the past couple of decades.

Today, 42% of us use cloud-based services to store files that would otherwise gather dust in our devices, while more than 32 million people have consigned DVDs to history by subscribing to cloud-based streaming services like Netflix and Disney+.

Enterprise cloud solutions have also been transforming the world of work: 94% of enterprises already use at least one cloud service, and 30% of all IT budgets are now allocated to cloud computing. It’s clear that the cloud is the present and future of IT, yet many companies are still not making the most of its transformative power.

So, for those that are still just dipping a toe in the water, what are the advantages of cloud computing for business, and why is now the time to reap the transformational benefits?

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