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Microsoft 365 combines innovative Office apps, intelligent Cloud services and world-class security to help your business achieve more.

But to maximise the potential of Microsoft 365, it needs to be optimised, maintained and managed.

That's where Nebula comes in.

How you can benefit from Microsoft 365:

Remote working:
Anyone can use Microsoft 365 whenever they like, however they like, wherever they are

Microsoft ensures that your data is safe in the cloud

Monthly subscriptions:
Spread the cost of your IT with an affordable monthly subscription

Optimise processes:
Streamline your workflows with the optimum Microsoft experience

Enjoy the ability to communicate and collaborate at an enterprise level

Easily add on new applications and storage space as your business grows

How Microsoft 365 can transform your business

Reach for the skies

Cloud Services

Migrating to the cloud can be difficult; there’s a lot to consider, a lot of files that need managing, and a lot of education that needs to be done. Our bespoke cloud services help organisations to get established on the cloud, greatly improving efficiencies and protecting from cyber-attack.

We’ll help you to choose the right provider for your organisation, before setting up everything and ensuring it’s all working properly. Alternatively, we can help to optimise your current cloud processes to help you get more bang for your buck.

Collaborating as a team

MS SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform designed to help you share updates with your team in one centralised location. SharePoint is highly configurable, so although its primary use is as a document storage, sharing and management system, it can be used to do far more – prepare and schedule your content, streamline business processes, upgrade your security and integrate your shared work environments to slash costs.

SharePoint is used by organisations worldwide to improve their efficiencies, we can help you to integrate it into your workflow, ensuring it works correctly with your existing apps.

Keeping emails simple

MS Exchange

Business-class email and calendaring – Microsoft Exchange is designed to revolutionise your organisation’s email and calendar systems. Exchange allows you to send emails from any device, view calendars, schedule meetings and share mailboxes in a more powerful solution than Outlook, letting you collaborate in real-time with people within and outside of your organisation.

We can help you to choose the right Exchange package for your unique needs, identifying the correct tools and compatibility options and integrating it with your current software.

Keeping you connected

MS Teams

MS Teams brings simplicity to teamwork by collaborating, sharing, communicating and doing it all under one platform. Teams is included in Office 365 for free, so any Office user can enjoy all the benefits of this collaboration solution.

With the increasing prevalence of remote working, many organisations around the world rely on Teams to keep in touch with employees and associates.

Working securely in the cloud

MS OneDrive

OneDrive is the intelligent cloud storage app for Microsoft 365; your conduit to access, share and collaborate on all your files anytime, from anywhere, and across all your devices. Cloud storage solutions are one of the best ways to improve organisational efficiencies across the board – the age of memory sticks and forgetting where a document is saved are long gone!


"We loved Nebula's transparent, honest approach"


Sight Research UK’s resources were somewhat stretched so they needed an IT partner that they could rely on. Nebula IT initially supported with their migration to the cloud and then focused on streamlining their processes and ensure that IT wasn’t a source of headaches, allowing Sight Research UK to focus on their important work.

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The volume of businesses migrating to the Cloud increases by the week. However if you’re still unsure how it could transform your organisation, now’s the time to get some answers.

You could be benefiting from economies of scale, a more secure environment and remote working capabilities in no time.

Nebula are experts in helping businesses seamlessly transition to the cloud. Download our guide on how Microsoft cloud services can help your business.



Whether you’re looking to migrate your current system to Microsoft 365 or optimise how you work in the cloud, it will require expertise and detailed planning.

Nebula takes the time to understand your business strategy and objectives, then devises a plan for maximising Microsoft 365’s potential in a way that doesn’t disrupt your day-to-day operations.