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The top 10 reasons you should consider outsourcing your IT support

22 Sep 2021
Author: Phoebe

IT is an important aspect for all companies, as when your IT is out of action, so too is your business. But do you feel like you really get the most out of your current IT support arrangement?

Did you know that 7 out of 10 businesses in the UK outsource services to third parties, not just this, but 30% of businesses plan to outsource more by 2022.

When it comes to IT, it can become easy to fall behind, as the technology industry is so fast-paced. But you deserve the best for your business and we are here to remind you of all the benefits of outsourcing your IT support.

  1. Greater expertise
    Using an outside company means you are more likely to have a whole team dedicated to your business. Collectively, they are more likely to have a higher level of knowledge and a broad range of solutions.
  2. Cost effectiveness
    IT issues can vary month to month, avoid the risk of having an employee with a potentially small workload. You may even find that the cost of IT support is less than hiring that one member of staff.
  3. Business options
    You will often find that IT companies provide a wide range of services, having someone who knows your business well is a great start when seeking advice in other areas e.g. cybersecurity, telecoms, internet.
  4. Time
    In-house IT teams, while great, can often work reactively, while outsourced IT tend to take a more proactive approach. They not only have time for your issues, but also see these everyday and so will likely spend less time to solve a problem.
  5. Greater understanding
    Future proofing your business starts internally, the benefits to an outsourced IT company in this respects are that they know what solutions can fit in with both your budget and your business plans.
  6. Keeping up to date
    The technology industry is fast paced, and it can be hard to stay up to date in all of the latest trends and news. Why not pass that responsibility to your IT company?
  7. Suitability
    No matter what the size of your business is, having a larger team looking after your IT will give you the same advantages as others in the market.
  8. Security
    We always talk about it, but its true, keeping your business secure is very important and having a dedicated outsourced IT team will help with this.
  9. New ideas
    As a business it is east to become accustomed to doing things a set way, but is this the best option for your business? Perhaps you could benefit from different solutions.
  10. Quick support
    Some issues are often more critical than others, you are guaranteed quicker support and SLAs with outside companies as they are likely to have more knowledge and staff members.

With all of this in mind, it may be time to switch up your IT support to ensure you are really benefitting from your IT.

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