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The importance of tailored cyber security for your business

23 Feb 2022
Author: Sarah G

Every year, cyber criminals tailor their cyber-attacks to better target specific organisations, sectors
or individuals.

So why aren’t we tailoring our cyber security in the same way that cyber criminals are their attacks?

At Nebula, we noticed a trend of IT companies offering stagnant cyber security solutions – fancy
firewalls and bold encryption promises that fail to deliver because they’re not right for the
organisation adopting them.

There’s no reason for this to be the case.

Cyber security management can be fully customised to meet the needs of the end user, and in doing
so, you’re ensuring that your data is as secure as possible at all times.

What are the most common cyber security weaknesses?

Unfortunately, this is a rather long list.

There’s a whole host of cyber security threats lurking in the dark recesses of the internet, ready to
exploit any flaws in your cyber security.

Here’s some of the most common weaknesses that we find in businesses:

Your people

We all need people to help run our businesses (until the robots take over!).

The issue with that? 88% of data breaches are caused by employees’ mistakes.

Even relatively cyber savvy employees have found themselves fooled by the increasingly complex
cyber-attacks that we’re seeing.

This is why it’s vital to train (and retrain) your employees. The cyber security training that you did in
2016 isn’t going to cut it; the landscape has changed drastically, and will continue to change at a
scary pace.

Lack of high-level strategy

Lots of businesses (particularly SMEs) have neglected to implement proper cyber security measures.

Whether this is down to ignorance, lack of resources or education doesn’t matter – without a
comprehensive cyber security strategy, SMEs will continue to be disproportionately targeted by
cyber criminals.

No professional monitoring

If you took the time to sift through the traffic that comes through, would you fully understand what
you’re looking at? Could you differentiate a ransomware attack from a DDoS attempt?

In order to react properly, you need to understand what’s happening. Real-time monitoring helps to
ensure that threats are picked up and dealt with immediately, before they get a chance to develop
into a data breach.

Unsecured communication

This is especially important in our age of remote working. Employees share (often unintentionally)
swathes of valuable, sensitive data across unsecured communication channels (emails, mobiles, etc.)

Increasingly over the past few years, we’ve seen phishing scams attempting to move the
conversation to encrypted messaging services such as WhatsApp in an attempt to avoid detection.

Wide open networks

You’d be surprised just how easy it is for a criminal to access your network if it’s unsecured.
Even an inexperienced criminal will be able to find their way into your systems, gaining access to all
of your devices in a matter of minutes. Securing your network is a relatively simple, but crucial, step.

Unpatched, outdated systems

There’s a reason that your device constantly pesters you to install that update; it’s not doing it to be

All updates need to be installed within the first two weeks of release (preferably sooner). Patches
are issued for a reason, and that reason is usually in order to fix something that facilitated a
successful cyber-attack, so stop putting them off!

Multiple connection points

The Internet of Things is a powerful tool, and can help improve your overall efficiencies, but the
more connection points that you have on a network, the more possible avenues of attack that there

More avenues of attack = more vulnerabilities that you need to actively defend.

Why tailored cyber protection is important

There are so many cyber security considerations that an organisation needs to make in order to
ensure that they’re cyber secure, that it’s almost impossible for a generic cyber security solution to
guarantee that you’re totally protected. Custom cyber security systems revolve around two key functions:

Security incident event management (SIEM)

SIEM systems work like your cyber security watchdogs. Your system is designed to collect and analyse aggregated log data, and is designed to rapidly identify any potential cyber security issues, and notify the other side of this cyber-crime fighting duo:

Security operations centre (SOC)

Pull your SOCs up, because it’s time to combat cyber crime!

A SOC is, essentially, the people behind our cyber security offering. Our SOC provides a 24/7 cyber security service to our customers. Our team of experts create processes and implement technology that proactively deals with any cyber threats as and when they manifest, ensuring that your organisation is secure at all times. 

In order to implement these key functions, we developed Frontier:

Frontier from Nebula – fully tailored cyber security solutions

Introducing Frontier from Nebula – our revolutionary, fully tailored cyber security offering, designed
to bring affordable, professional services to a broad range of businesses.

Frontier is made up of 6 distinct pillars, all of which work fully independently, or may be used to
complement one another, depending on your organisational requirements:

  • Frontier Identify – Our free questionnaire that’s designed to give us a full understanding of
    your cyber security policies, allowing us to make tailored ongoing security suggestions
  • Frontier Assessment – A comprehensive technical tool run by an engineer. This allows us to
    accurately identify key cyber vulnerabilities across the dark web, users, infrastructure and
    much more.
  • Frontier Protection – Phishing emails are one of the biggest threats SMEs face today.
    Frontier Protection introduces proactive spam filtering, blocking dangerous scams before
    they reach your inbox.
  • Frontier Endpoint – Rely on our SOC team to secure your endpoint devices (laptops, phones,
    etc.) 24/7, we’ll work to proactively tackle any cyber security threats.
  • Frontier Shield – Our detection and response solution for cloud-based apps from Microsoft. Our 24/7 monitoring means any threats are handled immediately before they can
    do damage.
  • Frontier Network – SIEM systems identify key network threats on servers and firewalls. Rely on our experts
    for network device analysis, log management and alerts. 

At Nebula, we believe that cyber security should be dynamic and responsive to match your business.

It’s time to get rid of your outdated, underperforming cyber systems – find out more here.

Get in touch today to book a free Frontier Identify risk assessment; we’ll run through your processes and make bespoke cyber security recommendations tailored to you.

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