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The Dell XPS 13 – a great choice for business laptops

17 Jan 2020
Author: Phoebe

If you have decided that Windows Virtual Desktop is not for you at this current time, but need to invest in new computers, then we think that plumping for Dell’s XPS 13 is hard to beat. It’s a high-end machine which offers great value when compared to similar Microsoft and Apple products. 

It comes in a range of specs, but we think an i5 chip with 250GB of SSD storage and 8GB of RAM is a good balance for normal business use. You can go higher or lower which will affect budget and performance accordingly.

A 13-inch screen will be sufficient for most users. When desk-based it can be plugged into a larger monitor, and when on the go it is lighter and more portable than its 15-inch counterpart. Indeed, at just over 1.1 cm thick and weighing 1.2 kg, it even undercuts the MacBook Air. If size matters (maybe there is not much opportunity to plug into a monitor) then you may consider the larger variant.

Speaking of remote working, it also features an exceptionally long battery life of up to 22 hours. With a centrally placed webcam and the option of upgrading to a 4k display, you’ll enjoy better video calls wherever you are.

All in all, this is a versatile and competitively priced laptop designed with portability as a priority. If you want to know more or are ready to buy, give us a call and we can assist you.

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