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Switch to Nebula IT this summer

26 Jul 2019
Author: Phoebe

The summer holidays are finally upon us. We hope you manage to carve out some time to dip your toes in the ocean or at the very least the paddling pool in the garden!

Unless you sell ice cream, the summer is often a quiet time for business. So what better time to review your current IT supplier? You might not be getting the level of technical and strategic support your business deserves, without even realising it…

The sound of silence

Do you go months without hearing from your IT supplier, or only hear from them when something goes wrong? This could be a sign that they’re only interested in collecting their monthly fee. At Nebula, we pride ourselves on being visible by offering a personal and approachable service. Our top priority is to form deep relationships with our clients. So if you’re looking for a consistent level of care and attention, look no further.

Lost in transmission

Another good indication that your current IT supplier might be slacking on the job is when your staff don’t know how to use your company’s IT systems and platforms. This suggests a poor level of communication between your IT supplier and your employees. Not only is this frustrating for your staff, it massively impacts productivity. Remedy this problem today and give our friendly team a call.

Lack of strategic IT vision

Productivity can also be hindered by a lack of strategic input from your IT supplier. At Nebula, we always consider the bigger picture. We are your technology trailblazers. So whether it’s through suggesting innovative ways to cut costs, such as by integrating automation, or by recommending new technologies we think will best serve your business: we are passionate about providing your organisation with strategic insights that go above and beyond the nitty-gritty!

Poor security measures

Have you suffered a security breach in the last 12 months? Unfortunately, while no IT company can guarantee you’ll never get hacked, we will always seek to minimise the chances of an attack. Ransomware attacks represent a major cause for concern in the IT security world today, with companies being forced to pay great sums of money or relinquish private data. As recently as this month, Britain’s largest private forensics provider has paid a ransom to hackers after its IT systems were hijacked by a cyber-attack. So you may be risking more than you realise with shaky security.

Time to change your IT support to a trusted Bristol-based IT company?

Finally, if you haven’t reviewed your IT supplier recently, you may be paying over the odds. Why not chat to a member of our friendly team for a free, personalised review? Call us today on 01454 534 009 to find out about our IT audit and easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current IT function.

Are you receiving great IT?

A great IT provider will help accelerate your business growth, maximise opportunities and understand your company ethos. If you feel you're not getting maximum value from your IT provider, it could be time to switch.