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Case Study: IT Support for Bristol company, Roberts & Co

How Nebula IT supports Bristol-based accountants

Client: Roberts & Co (Bristol) Ltd

Location: 24 High Street, Chipping Sodbury, Bristol, BS37 6AH

Service: Server audit, cyber security, IT support

The Challenge

Roberts & Co had struggled with hit-and-miss IT support in the past, using unreliable support people and wanted to build a relationship with an IT company who they could trust and rely on for urgent and ongoing support.

Their server was getting slow and full, which was a big risk; if the backup failed, they would have lost a lot of mission critical data. Roberts & Co needed an IT company who understood the urgency of their situation – as accountants, if they missed a reporting deadline, they could be fined, so it’s imperative that their IT support was on the ball.

Why did they choose Nebula?

“We wanted a more personal relationship with our IT company. We put the feelers out and found Nebula. They provide everything we need, all with a friendly demeanour. We’ve worked with them for around 9 years now. Nebula have always been up-front with costs and are always at the end of the phone (or a two-minute walk away!).”

Anna Lockwood, Roberts & Co

How did Nebula help?

Roberts & Co needed support with urgency, and that’s exactly what Nebula supplied.

We delivered a tailored server audit, creating a bespoke offering just for them, not just a quick fix. By listening to the team, we were able to get under the skin of the business and form a support plan that fit their needs.

This support plan also included bespoke cyber security integrations, including patches and updates (this helps a lot with key financial software, such as Sage and Xero).

Since partnering with Nebula, the team at Roberts & Co have been reassured, both of the fact that A) the server worked and B) there was someone available to talk to should they need support.

Reliability is essential when it comes to IT support, which is why we’re always available should our partners have any questions.

“When you’re not an IT person, it can feel like the end of the world, but Nebula make it all understandable.”

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