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Spotlight on O365: Ink-stant replay

Published by Phoebe | Blog | 16 December, 2019

It is easier than ever nowadays to avoid inflicting death by PowerPoint on your colleagues, clients and anyone else you happen to have as a captive audience.

Not only are there some great alternative apps like MS Sway (which is also available in O365), but the feature set of MS PowerPoint is becoming richer all the time.

This autumn we have seen Ink-stant replay added. On computers on which you can draw –those with touchscreens or with trackpads for example – this allows you to draw or hand write information and then have it replayed during your slideshow in the sequential order it was created.

You can play around with speed to make it appear naturally, or accelerate/slow it down for effect. It is all done in the Draw and Animation tabs. We think it can add some extra showmanship to your presentation, create nice fluidity, and enhance the clarity of your communication, depending on how you choose to use it.