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Protect your business with a multi-layered approach to IT security

13 Aug 2019
Author: Phoebe

The summer is showing no sign of leaving us, and deciding whether to bother with the sun cream each day has got us thinking: protecting your business with good IT security is a lot like protecting yourself from the sun!

Whether you decide to simply throw on some sunglasses before heading out the door or go full vampire and only venture out after sundown, your decision will depend on the level of protection needed.

Read on to discover how our multi-layered approach to IT security can benefit your business and discover the level of protection that is right for you.

Throwing on the shades

A good starting point for IT security involves installing and managing your cyber security software. Successful malware attacks have the potential to cause great financial and reputational damage and loss of data. And the risk is very real. For example, the UK is ranked the third highest country globally for ransomware detections (cyber attacks in which you are denied access to your data and/or systems until you pay a ransom).

Antivirus software identifies and blocks malware attacks, such as ransomware, from compromising your security while giving you valuable peace of mind to operate and grow your business. It is not a complete solution but is an important first step. And good email security prevents many malware and cyber threats from reaching your inbox so it’s worth investing in. Nebula is on hand to help you install and manage your antivirus software today.

We also recommend staying right on top of your software patches and updates. One of the main reasons software companies release these is to protect your computers against emerging vulnerabilities. We can support you in achieving this. And as your technology trailblazing partner, we can even suggest advanced solutions to you if appropriate, like an ethical hacking exercise or AI-powered defences.

Time to get that sun cream on

Sunglasses can only offer so much protection, and so can your cyber security software! An important layer of IT security involves educating your users.

Ensure your employees know to keep their passwords safe and private (not on a post-it note next to their computer!). Passphrases are more secure than passwords as they are longer while still being memorable. You might also consider a password vault such as LastPass which can help your users manage numerous passwords. Do some research to find out if it is right for your organisation or ask us. Biometric security measures such as fingerprint authentication are also becoming increasingly common and might be worth exploring, particularly if you are thinking of upgrading your hardware.

Making sure your employees know how to identify phishing emails is also a simple but effective security measure. Phishing emails are fraudulent attempts to steal information or infect the computer you are using with malware. We call the likelihood of someone within your organisation falling for a phishing attempt your Phish-Prone percentage. Nebula offers a free phishing security test to help you discover your business’s Phish-Prone percentage. Give us a call today to find out more.

Shut the doors and close the blinds!

Sometimes only a complete solution can give you the peace of mind you need. Having a well-designed backup solution and disaster recovery service in place can provide advanced protection. Should your defences be breached, you’ll be able to gain access to duplicates of your files and have a reserved way to keep your systems running.

While this solution won’t be right for every business – perhaps your organisation isn’t reliant on a large number of files or important data – it can reduce the impact of a successful malware attack. 

Don’t get burnt! At Nebula, we can help you create and manage your file back-ups. This means that if the worst does happen, we can quickly recover your data to reduce the impact on your business and give you that extra peace of mind.

Want a trusted Bristol-based IT company to help you protect your business?

Nebula can help you mitigate all of the above risks by providing a consistently high standard of cyber risk management. Find out more about the levels of protection we offer with a personalised consultation. Call us today on 01454 534 009.

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