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Planning for next year? Switch to VoIP for large cost savings

20 Dec 2018
Author: Phoebe

If you’re planning budgets for next year, there are many ways to streamline costs and boost productivity. One of the most effective actions you can take as a business is to throw out your old-fashioned landline and upgrade to VoIP telephone services.

Advantages include major cost-savings on your telecommunications. Our cloud-based communications system, Horizon, is operated and managed by Gamma. It offers a complete hosted communications service for all the tools SMEs need for a reliable phone system.

Save on cost

Horizon is a lot more affordable than a landline, since it doesn’t need to be installed or maintained, and offers better sound quality than traditional telephone calls. And there are no maintenance costs. This makes it perfect for SMEs, especially those working across multiple sites or who have smaller budgets.

Gain control

Horizon allows full control of your fixed and mobile telephony. It provides a wide range of telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. It allows you to streamline your operations and free up your IT team to get on with important tasks.

The system benefits from call analytics with call-management reporting, wallboard integration and a data feed. This allows you to see the bigger picture and analyse your business’s call patterns.

You can use the handsets from a range of manufacturers with a simple, easy-to-use web interface, and network resistance by Gamma, experts in voice, data and mobile.

With Horizon, we can supply you with everything you need, from handsets to core network access, support and training, and assistance on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Benefits for employers

For your employees, it allows them to manage their incoming and outgoing calls easily, increasing performance and, therefore, your company’s productivity.

And since you can integrate mobile phones into your VoIP network, it’s perfect for those who work from home or away from the office in other locations. Everyone can be contacted as if they were all in one office, irrespective of where they are. This ensures no call goes missed or unnoticed. Simply find an internet connection and take, make or transfer calls on your business phone number via your portable device as if you were in the office.

And for customers…

It also benefits SMEs who rely on providing good customer service, with features to help manage calls and enhance reporting. Horizon allows you to put calls on hold, play marketing messages, and move calls between users and offices.

Perfect for dynamic SMEs looking for flexibility

Horizon fits into your business, not the other way around. We can easily configure the system to adapt to changing needs and requirements as the business grows. It’s ideal for growing businesses, as its reliable phone system can scale up as you grow.  All you need is a broadband connection.

Call us today to find out how switching to VoIP could free up your IT budget next year

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