Security Awareness & Simulated Phishing

Phishing is at the heart of over 90% of data breaches. It is one of the largest cyber threats to organisations around the world.

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt by attackers to gain sensitive information by the impersonation of a reputable source using email or other online communication.

It’s a technique that’s worked since the mid-1990s and is still just as effective today. Attackers often masquerade as popular social networking sites, online shops, banks, credit card companies or even your own IT help desk!

Social Engineering

The bad guys will use techniques like social engineering which involves manipulating, influencing, or deceiving you in order to gain control over your computer system.

The malicious actor, often referred to as a hacker, will use email as a popular method of gaining illegal access. Phishing, spearphishing and CEO fraud are all examples of this.


In order for internet criminals to successfully ‘phish’ your information, they would usually direct you to a fake website that resembles the original.

This is often done by providing a ‘link’ within the phishing email that they want you to click. The fake site would then prompt you to enter additional data.


  • Immediately start reducing your risk
  • Satisfy the GDPR & compliance obligations
  • Train your employees in a positive and encouraging manner
  • Identify and help vulnerable users within your organisation
  • Quickly learn to identify and report phishing attacks effectively
  • Comprehensive audit trail to assist in compliance of standards
  • Full online engaging training material
  • Monitor improvements and quantify campaign effectiveness
  • Promote a measurable improvement
  • Heightened awareness of phishing attacks
  • Monthly contract
  • Monthly payments
  • Flexible / seasonal recipient count

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