Frontier Security Solution

At Nebula we want to support your business inside and out, and with our Frontier security solution what better way to offer this.

Frontier is hosted within Azure and works with Microsoft 365 to offer you intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across your organisation. This solution provides a single solution for alert detection, threat visibility, proactive hunting and threat response.

In a world where nothing stays the same for long, the same can be said about security within IT. Which is where Frontier can help you, working with AI and algorithms, Frontier helps you to alleviate the stress of increasingly sophisticated attacks, increasing volumes of alerts and long resolution time frames.

Our Frontier solution is based on four stages which are designed to;

Not only this but you are able to integrate Frontier with any existing business tools; whether you run third party solutions, tools or even have current security software in place, we can help you. As not only is it scalable to any business size and need, but can grow as your business does.

But, we understand that no business is the same, and so have designed this service to be tailored to your needs exactly.

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