Cyber Essentials

Achieve this straight-forward government certification with Nebula IT

Devised within GCHQ to eliminate 80% of cybersecurity threats from your business

Did you know that most cybersecurity threats are unsophisticated techniques by people just trying it on, akin to a common crook testing to see if your windows and doors are locked?

That means that by implementing a few basic procedures – the equivalent to locking the front door at night-time – you can stay relatively protected.

The government, through its National Cyber Security Centre at GCHQ, offers a certification which you can use to demonstrate that you take cybersecurity seriously. It is a simple framework to follow and offers you peace of mind that you are adopting good baseline practices at your organisation.

We provide a service to ensure you achieve it.

Any business can fall victim to a cyber-attack, and the average cost to an SME in the UK is estimated to be more than £100,000. It is a black hole that some never recover from. There is the risk of loss of earnings, theft of money, reputational damage, equipment replacement, confidential customer data loss and GDPR fines.

Cyber Essentials is not fully aligned with GDPR, but getting certified will set you well on the right trajectory to GDPR compliance from an IT perspective.

Work with us and we will conduct an audit that looks at the five foundations of Cyber Essentials. We will advise where any improvements need to be carried out and help you with the actions necessary. Once our recommendations are implemented, we will arrange for your Cyber Essentials certification, and you can start enjoying the benefits.

What are the benefits of obtaining Cyber Essentials accreditation?

• Reduce the threat of cybercrime against your organisation by as much as 80%.
• Help you to protect your reputation.
• Allow you to sell your services based on IT excellence and data security.
• Give you a measured approach to your IT to control the costs.
• Open the door to bidding on government contracts where Cyber Essentials certification is a requirement.
• Afford you peace of mind that your cybersecurity is under control.

Helping you achieve the five foundations of Cyber Essentials:

• We will ensure you have a firewall in place to protect your internet connection.
• We will assist you in selecting the most secure settings for your software.
• We will help you control who has access to your systems and the level of access they have.
• We will put protection in place against malware and viruses.
• We’ll show you how to keep your software and operating systems up to date or do it for you.

Trust us for your Cyber Essentials certification

Our team of experts are fully insured with years of experience working alongside organisations with 1 to 250 users.

In particular, our experience with charities, legal services, and financial services really sets us above the rest. We are vendor certified and use industry-leading processes, tools and systems. We give you direct engineer access and are Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

Oh, and we balance expertise and professionalism with approachability and friendliness.

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