In today’s world why pay for outdated technology? Choose to move from large-outlay capital purchases to a budget-friendly subscription programme: Nebula’s Oro Valley Tech as a Service.

Your organisation can afford the best technology, right now, secure the most competitive rates and access a vast array of products and services.

You can save up to 30% on total cost of ownership of hardware and software solutions.

Implementations are faster and ultimately more effective, and with a single contract, you will have all your technology under one agreement – just like mobile phones, printers and IT infrastructure.

What you get from our TaaS offering

Tech-as-a-Service allows you to keep your technology completely up-to-date. Source the right technology today, at the lowest price, and remain adaptable and agile for the changes coming tomorrow.

Reduced cost of ownership

Save up to 30% of the total cost of ownership of hardware and software. Plus spread your VAT payment over the term and pay it on a smaller amount.

Manage your cash flow

Control your spend and spread the cost over the useful life of your technology and services.

Better equipment

Keep yourself ahead of the game with the latest technology. Improve your employees level of satisfaction and productivity, all at a lower cost.


Put your hardware, software and technology services all on one simple payment (monthly, quarterly or annually).


A subscription still gives you choices, at the end of the programme you can choose to return equipment (and ideally get new), keep equipment longer or even purchase it – so you are not losing the control.

More often

Get equipment faster and more often to ensure you get the best from the technological advances available to you.

The Benefits of TaaS

How your business could benefit from TaaS:

  • Stay flexible! Don’t get locked in! Heavy costs preventing you from keeping your organisation’s technology current? Tech-as-a-Service subscription purchases are the
    easiest way to get the best technology without the need for a capital budget.
  • One subscription. Fewer pounds. Zero capital costs. All with Tech-as-a-Service!
  • Tech-as-a-Service = Significant savings compared with outright purchase & simple operating leases.
  • More flexibility than any other subscription.

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Why you can trust Nebula IT for your technology finance solutions

Our expert team is fully insured and experienced in working with a wide range of organisations from 1 to 250 users. We have particular experience with charities, legal services and financial services. We are vendor certified and use industry leading processes, tools and systems. We give you direct engineer access and are Cyber Essentials Plus certified. Oh, and we balance expertise and professionalism with approachability and friendliness.