Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure: The scalable way to develop an IT department

The traditional image of IT infrastructure is of servers whirring away, chucking out heat, taking up space, and awaiting expensive replacement.

They are geographically vulnerable in that they are tied to your site or a local data centre. And they may have been right for your business when you procured them. But are they fit for purpose for tomorrow? Or even today? Hopefully so, but you did not have the choices that are available to you now.

Well, there is a new way of doing things. One that takes away all of the above problems. The future is bright. The future is Azure.

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform. It does away with the need for dedicated servers because you transfer everything up into the cloud. It is immensely powerful and the options with it are quite frankly limitless. Sound expensive? Well it’s not. You get the best of everything, but only pay for what you use at any given time. So there are no up-front costs. And if you stop using functionality you stop paying for it.

We are talking servers, software, storage and processing power. You always have the most up-to-date tech. And instead of having to invest in your own security you get the full weight of Microsoft defending your interests. In fact, best practice use of Azure will eliminate some of the most common threats automatically, as there is no need for data to be stored on local devices which can be lost or compromised. And you can efficiently bolt on disaster recovery solutions that would cost far more to set up independently.

If you are just starting out, Azure lets you access a Full Monty of tech with virtually no up-front cost. And if you are established and paying for your own infrastructure, you will be amazed at what Azure can offer you.

How you benefit from Azure:

  • Rapidly scale your business to seize opportunities.
  • Strip capital expenditure from your budgets.
  • Sleep well at night knowing you are protected by cutting-edge security.
  • Free up physical space onsite by moving your servers to the cloud.
  • Re-deploy your IT staff onto more added-value work.
  • Avoid tying your business into long-term expenditure.

What you get with our Azure service:

  • Efficient migration of services to the Azure cloud.
  • End-to-end services tailored to your needs.
  • Bespoke development of Azure apps as required.
  • Best practice user administration.
  • Telephone support provided during office hours.
  • Disaster recovery solutions appropriate to your business.
  • Planning meetings to ensure you are getting what you need from Azure.

Why you can trust Nebula IT with your Azure requirements

Our expert team is fully insured and experienced in working with a wide range of organisations from 1 to 250 users. We have particular experience with charities, legal services and financial services. We are vendor certified and use industry leading processes, tools and systems. We give you direct engineer access and are Cyber Essentials Plus certified. Oh, and we balance expertise and professionalism with approachability and friendliness.

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