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Office 365 spotlight: How to turn a PowerPoint presentation into an animated GIF

13 Mar 2020
Author: Phoebe

If you’ve spent any time on the internet you’ve probably seen your fair share of GIFs, ranging from the mildly amusing to the downright annoying. Tiresome memes aside though, it seems that Microsoft has found a genuinely useful application for GIFs.

A new Office 365 feature allows you to save an entire PowerPoint presentation as an animated GIF, meaning that it can loop continuously without the need to change between slides. Here’s how it’s done.

Once you’ve completed your presentation, select File>Export>Create an Animated GIF

Adjust the “seconds spent on each slide” to set the minimum time for which each slide will be displayed. The default minimum is one second but this will be extended if the slide contains animations or other media that exceed this.

Select Create GIF to save the presentation as a .gif file.

And there you have it. Your PowerPoint presentation is now a looping GIF.

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