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Nebula IT to Support CLIC Charity

24 May 2016
Author: Phoebe

As a company we’re starting to look at ways we can start supporting a charity, beginning with a bit of fun.

Age UK have teamed up with Euro 2016 to raise money with a classic, everyone’s favourite, Office Sweepstake! We’ve had some disappointed (and hilarious) faces already, Chris Pottrell pulled out Poland and Turkey, Andy’s feeling more confident with Hungary and Germany, David is divided with England and Slovakia and as for myself (Alice), well I’m chuffed with Belgium and France!

If you’d like to get involved and secure a team in the Nebula Euro 2016 Sweepstake supporting Age UK then it’s £3.00 per team drawn. We’ll be donating all proceeds to Age UK along with our office swear jar money from the month of March. (£62.40 – 20p per swear!).

After the Euros are done and dusted, we are looking forward to making CLIC Sergeant our regular charity. CLIC Sargent provides vital emotional, practical and financial support to young cancer patients and families during and after treatment.

A couple of us in the office have little ones and this definitely helps to drive home the importance of the work that CLIC does. If we ever find ourselves in the position of having a sick child we know how grateful we’d be for the support, so if we can play a part in helping another family have that, that would be amazing.

We are really keen to raise as much money as possible and plan to organise plenty of ways in which people can support us in this.

So far we have, (drumroll please…) Chris running the Cardiff Half Marathon! To say we’re a little concerned is an understatement as we’re unsure who will run the company when he’s gone!

We have an optimistic target to raise of £2500.00. We’ve already taken the liberty of tweaking Chris’ email signature with the Just Giving page. Expect to hear a lot of banter and to see a lot of pictures of Chris’ suffering!

We’re working with CLIC to come up with ideas of how we can get more people involved in the fundraising, so watch this space and if you have any ideas, please do get in touch!

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