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Nebula news: Univertual – our client’s thoughts

Published by Phoebe | Blog | 02 December, 2020

As you know, we are continually pioneering new ways to help our clients get the most from their IT.

And it is great to hear how Univertual, our new e-learning platform, has helped many businesses already. Here are a handful of the positive comments we have received so far.

“The material covered in these courses and videos is something which would benefit all in the office. From my personal experience, I have found the short videos very useful to help me quickly understand something.”

“I think the contents of these courses will be really good to share with our team, as some have no experience using SharePoint and this talks through all the basic knowledge they will need.”

“A fantastic resource that guides the user through clear and easy to follow course material. I can’t wait to see more courses on other Microsoft products and perhaps some popular collaboration tools for remote workers.”

If you haven’t tried Univertual yet, remember the core Univertual courses are absolutely free and we regularly add new content. Visit www.univertual.com to get registered.

What will you learn today?