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Nebula News: Introducing our new trailblazers Kyle and Meriel

19 Oct 2021
Author: Phoebe

This month we are excited to announce the arrival of our two newest Nebula members.

Kyle and Meriel join us this month, and following tradition we wanted to get to know them a bit better with a few questions and answers.

Kyle | IT Support Apprentice

Tell us about your career to date?

I have recently successfully finished my second year of A-Levels. During the summer of 2021, after my exams, I found work at Tesco working in the Click and Collect department for 3 months. Following this, I left to pursue my Cyber Security and Technology interests which lead me to Nebula, where I am now enrolled on a QA apprenticeship.

What is your favourite bit of tech?

My favourite bit of tech is the living room 4k Ultra HD OLED 65″ TV.

What are your interests away from work?

Outside of work I love football, I spend a lot of time playing whilst also refereeing many games. I also love martial arts and help my TKD instructor teach other students within the club.

Meriel | Account Manager

Tell us about your career to date?

I completed my degree in Biomedical Engineering in September 2020 following the submission of my dissertation titled: ‘Finite element simulation of a distal weight-bearing implant for trans-femoral amputees”. Shortly after, I began working at a COVID-19 PCR test site where I was promoted to a supervisor and found in myself an affinity for leadership and conflict management.

In my quest for a graduate role, I branched to more than just engineering and into client-facing positions as I felt my abilities and job satisfaction may be better aligned beyond production lines.

Two months ago I moved, without a safety net, to Bristol where Pareto Law aligned me with Nebula IT as their newest account manager! The role is an incredible learning opportunity and the first major career step I have taken, I do, however, hope to take many more with Nebula by my side!

What is your favourite bit of tech?

My favourite bit of tech is the Nintendo DS Lite, the happiness I had as a child during my Nintendo Mario Bros phase narrowly surpasses the joy the Tamagotchi brought me some time before. Still waiting to feel that child-like wonder again.

What are your interests away from work?

I have been weightlifting for about 2 years! I am still catching up on missed time due to COVID and a new quarantine-created addiction to PC video games.

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