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Nebula exhibiting at the British Legal Technology Forum 2019

Published by Phoebe | Blog | 26 February, 2019

We are delighted to announce we’ll be exhibiting at the British Legal Technology Forum 2019 at the Old Billingsgate, London on Tuesday 12th March 2019.

The event is Europe’s largest legal IT conference and exhibition.

A focus on security for law firms

At the British Legal Technology Forum 2019 we are looking forward to meeting professionals from the legal sector, as well as technology partners. As the only full managed service provider at the event we’ll be focusing our advice on the day around IT security. The five security areas we’re concentrating on are:

  • GDPR consultancy
  • Phishing awareness
  • Cyber Essentials
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing

We’ll also be more than happy to discuss how our core managed IT services bring value to the legal sector.

You might get your data back, but what about your reputation?

The ongoing cost of a data breach can be huge – particularly in industries built on trust and competence like the legal sector.

So the themes we are exploring are all about minimising the risk of a data breach happening within a law firm. And, importantly, helping you demonstrate how seriously you take cyber security to your clients.

GDPR consultancy

You’ll need no introduction to GDPR. With compliance being a continuous concern for law firms, we’ll demonstrate how you can take care of the IT side of things with an easy-to-manage portal.

Phishing awareness

With more than 90% of successful data breaches starting with a phishing attack, phishing is a threat we all have to take very seriously. We can safely simulate phishing emails for your firm to identify what proportion of your staff fall for them. You may find the results surprising, but don’t worry. We can follow up with much needed user training.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a set of government-approved cyber security standards. Applying to be accredited will not only put in place best practices which lower the chances of a successful attack on your firm. But it is also an easily understood way for you to show clients that you take cyber security seriously.

Vulnerability assessment

Our vulnerability assessment complements your existing malware. It is an automated defence that regularly scans your IT infrastructure for weakness. It reduces your security risk and increases your credibility with people you work with.

Penetration testing

Our penetration testing service is an interesting solution that deploys ethical hackers to have a go at compromising your network. Unlike malicious hackers, they won’t do any damage. But having used the same techniques as criminals, they’ll write a report that identifies any ways in which you are at risk. We will then provide guidance on eliminating these threats.

Are you attending the British Legal Technology Forum 2019?

The day-long event will be showcasing so much more – from block chaining the legal industry to AI and law firm automation. Not to mention gin and champagne bars and an ale house all serving complimentary drinks.

Today, no company is too big for a data breach or to be held hostage by ransomware. But you can minimise the risk. If you are hacked, we can quickly get you back up and running. But your clients might be a lot slower coming back. So now – before a breach – is the time to fully protect yourself.

If we can ensure that a few law firms leave the event with a better understanding of the cyber risks out there and how to counter them, the legal sector will be in better shape for it.

We look forward to seeing you there.