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Microsoft 365 – Is your data safe in the Cloud?

15 Jan 2021
Author: Phoebe

It is a commonly asked question and something which I’m sure many of you have wondered yourselves. Is my data safe? Is the cloud trustworthy? Am I more likely to be hacked in the Cloud?

And the answer is simple, if you are using trusted cloud providers such as Microsoft OneDrive, or Microsoft SharePoint, then your data is safe. The Cloud is designed to offer you a highly secure and protected space for your data to live, whilst also storing it away from your physical device.

About the Cloud?

Cloud storage is a service that stores your files, photos and data in a remote data centre and gives you access over the internet to them, from any place, at any time. With nearly unlimited capacity you are able to store your data here no matter what the size or format.

The Cloud has become widely used by businesses as it offers access from any device, with the benefit protection of it being based off-site. It offers collaboration features such as file sharing, real-time collaboration, and version history and in some cases can offer services such as ransomware recovery, virus scanning and mass file deletion warnings.

Furthermore, the Cloud can be integrated into any business, regardless of the budget, and is in most cases cheaper and more secure than in house servers or solutions.

Why we love the cloud

Here at Nebula, we are passionate about IT security, and you may have already heard us talk about the Cloud because we truly believe that it has so many benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Taking a look into Microsoft in particular we want to bring to your attention, a few more benefits that moving to the Cloud can have for you;

  • Data Encryption – your files are encrypted from the minute you click the ‘save’ button
  • Physical Protection – the data centres themselves are highly protected and secure
  • Ease of Access – you can access your files easily, and share effortlessly with colleagues
  • Reduced Overall IT Costs
  • Automatic Updates – you do not have to rely or be responsible for keeping your Cloud space up to date

Why not let us help?

At Nebula, we have a team of experts on hand to help you with your Cloud needs.

Call us today on 01454 534009 for more information on moving to the Cloud.

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