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Microsoft 365 – How secure is Microsoft Teams?

29 Jan 2021
Author: Phoebe

Microsoft Teams, we have integrated it into our work life and now (more than ever) our social life. But what do we know about Teams, and how secure really is it?

Microsoft Teams has enjoyed rapid growth in popularity over the last year and has many security features built in to provide the best and safest experience for all users. Integrated with many Microsoft 365 licences, Teams has become a popular tool for effective and encrypted communication and file sharing.

But if it is something that you are not yet familiar with, why not find out more about what Microsoft Teams can offer you and your team.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams was designed for the workplace, creating a secure chat-based environment, hosted in the Cloud, where colleagues can interact and share files within a controlled chat workspace. It encourages communication and collaboration between team members and is brought to you by Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams allows you to share conversations and files, and is integrated into many Microsoft 365 packages to offer you a complete productivity package with apps such as Word, Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint and much more.

What security features does Microsoft Teams offer?

Microsoft has worked hard to ensure that Teams is a secure workspace. From encrypting user data within the app, to offering encryption to other Microsoft apps such as SharePoint and OneNote. You can be sure that all files shared and saved within the app are protected at the highest level.

What’s more, is that users are also given more control of their data; any member who creates a new group is assigned to be the owner of that group and therefore has access to a larger range of control settings for group members. This is designed to help set restrictions for viewing and amending content which is shared. This also offers the owner the opportunity to create a more structured and controlled environment over how users access and share their data.

Microsoft Teams is hosted within the Cloud, and the physical location of your data is established by your region, ensuring that all relevant local security measures are also applied.

How to get Microsoft Teams?

If you already have a Microsoft 365 licence then you are halfway there, talk to us today about how to install it within your business or head over to Univertual to find out more. If you are unsure of your licencing, feel free to talk to us about upgrading and getting the most of your secure communications, as the benefits are endless.

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