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Meet Dusty, our in-house robot

20 Dec 2019
Author: Phoebe

As your technology trailblazers, we like to try out all manner of gadgets in office and home life. One that has become a staple for us is Dusty, our pet robot vacuum cleaner here at Hanham Hall.

Dusty is a good hoover, always doing what he is told via a handy app and the Wi-Fi network. We schedule him to come out at certain times and spruce the place up. Some models will actually remember the room layout and avoid obstacles. But sadly Dusty is a bit of a dope and doesn’t have this functionality. So he will occasionally bump into a chair or chew on a cable.

When this gets too annoying, we can set him to corner mode. Thankfully his sensors and robot brain are sufficient to keep him to the outside of the room.

On the whole, Dusty and robot vacuum cleaners get a thumbs up from us. He is a bit of fun and helps keep the place looking smart. If you are interested in finding out more about him, give us a call or look him up online. He’s a Eufy RoboVac 11c.

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