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M365 spotlight: Scheduling Assistant

23 Nov 2020
Author: Phoebe

With almost half of office staff still working remotely, regular meetings are vital for keeping everyone on the same page.

Organising a meeting via email can be a headache, especially if it has multiple participants. Suggesting a time, waiting for everyone to reply, suggesting a different time, waiting again – the process can seem endless. This is where Microsoft’s Scheduling Assistant can help. 

Available as part of Outlook for M365, the feature searches the calendars of all meeting participants and suggests a time that works for everyone. As long as everyone has kept their Outlook calendar up to date, there’s little risk of scheduling a meeting that some people can’t attend. 

Using Scheduling Assistant is extremely straightforward. Select New Meeting in your calendar and then click the Scheduling Assistant tab to bring up a list of suitable times.

Unavailable times will be shown in dark blue, and times, when participants have a tentative appointment, will be shown in light blue. Send your meeting request and, if everyone accepts, it will be added to your calendar. 

If you have staff back in the office, Scheduling Assistant can also help you to choose a meeting location. The Room Finder feature will search the building for free rooms, allowing you to book a space in advance. Just click Room Finder in the Scheduling Assistant menu to perform this action. 

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