Why Choose Nebula for All of Your Cyber Security Needs?

Published on November 18th, 2022|Last updated on January 15th, 2024

Did you know that only 54% of businesses in the UK have taken action to protect themselves from cyber-crime? 

You might feel safe because your business has never encountered a cyber-attack, but just because you haven’t experienced one yet, doesn’t mean that you won’t. 

You never really know when you’re going to be the unfortunate target. 

Just imagine, your fledging business is soaring and your projections show continued success, when out of the blue, your business suffers a cyber-attack. 

Not only have hackers hijacked your servers, freezing your sales, but your valuable customers have had their data stolen – do you know how to prevent this?

Your whole operation has ground to a halt and your reputation as a secure and reliable business is in the gutter. 

Any organisation that handles sensitive or personal information is a target, but the fact of the matter is, all you need is for part of your operation to operate digitally to be at risk of a cyber-attack. 

Attacks are rarely complex, and the majority are carried out by unskilled individuals, so why do businesses keep getting caught out? 

It’s simple: because they’ve not taken adequate measures to protect themselves. 

A cyber-attack can put a major dent in your business’ growth, but don’t worry, Nebula have got your back. 

Why Nebula are the best choice for cyber security

Here at Nebula, we believe that it’s not worth taking chances when it comes to your cyber security. 

That’s why we’re proud of our cyber security solution Frontier, which combines cutting-edge AI and complex algorithms with a 24/7 team of cyber security specialists to: 

  • Detect and manage any threats
  • Provide visibility on any and all threats to your business
  • Proactively hunt and respond to potential cyber threats

The best part? Frontier is fully modular, enabling us to create a bespoke cyber security strategy designed specifically for your organisation. 

This mean that whether you need a specific feature, such as threat detection for your emails, or extensive and all-encompassing protection, we can advise on and create a solution that will perfectly suit your business needs. 

It’s not surprising however, if after you’ve read this article you want us to bring out the big guns. 

Good news: if you’re after a more thorough and direct approach to cyber security, our Shield, Endpoint and Network packages have you covered. 

Including fully integrated security incident and event management (SIEM) systems, and a 24/7 manned security operations centre (SOC), we can ensure that you’ve got ‘round the clock protection, as well as experts on hand to proactively deal with any active cyber-attacks. 

Not sold yet? Start small with Frontier Identity, a free questionnaire that helps us to determine your current cyber security status and create a plan on how to keep your business safe. 

I get all that, but why Nebula?

Simply put:

  • We have the most comprehensive offering in the UK
  • Nobody else can match our advanced AI driven solution
  • We have decades of experience within the team
  • Our service is 24/7/365 – we are always here to keep your data safe

Why cyber security benefits your business 

While we feel that cyber security largely sells itself, here are 3 key ways your business would benefit from a bespoke cyber security solution:

Ensure continued growth

Chances are, you don’t think you need cyber security… until you suddenly do.

Businesses on an upward trajectory are at significantly increased risk of being noticed and targeted by hackers. Many SMEs don’t consider cyber security until it’s too late. You’re focused on your growth which will come to a grinding halt as and when you get your data stolen, damaging your finances and, perhaps more importantly, your reputation.

Peace of mind

Did you know that the estimated average costs for lost/stolen data in 2022 is £19,400? 

Rest easy knowing that your organisation is protected against any risk, reducing your cyber threat levels by well over 80%, as well as future-proofing your business against any potential breaches. 

Customer retention 

Not only are you and your customers protected but it’s also a great selling point for your business. Cyber-crime awareness is on the rise, and customers are more likely to use your services if they know that you have done the utmost to secure your systems and protect their personal data. 

Business opportunities

It the same vein, other businesses are more likely to engage with your organisation if they feel like they can trust you to keep their data safe. 

You may also choose to get your Cyber Essentials certification, demonstrating your commitment to cyber security and opening your business up to government contracts.

Cyber Security Solutions from Nebula IT 

We get it, nobody really wants cyber security, but the fact of the matter is that cyber-crime is becoming more prevalent year on year; you absolutely cannot be complacent.

In a perfect world, you don’t need Nebula cyber security, but this isn’t a perfect world, so let’s protect your business and ensure your long-term success together.

Talk to our team of cyber security experts today. We’re on hand to answer any questions you might have and to tailor a bulletproof cyber security strategy for your growing business.