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Is my work mobile secure? Ensuring all devices are covered.

08 Jul 2021
Author: Phoebe

Having a dedicated work mobile device is becoming more and more common, even more so now that many companies have adopted remote working, but we must make sure that these, like your other work devices, are kept secure.

Many of our job roles rely on us being on the move, whether we are visiting customers, different offices, or working from home. And because of this many of us have relied heavier on our mobile devices this year more than ever. From sending emails to making calls, taking work-related photos to visiting customer sites, using company apps or even logging into bank accounts. A mobile device is cleverly designed to do everything you need whilst on the move, and because of this your data and information could be at risk of ending up in the wrong hands.

Keeping my device secure

Mobile devices have come a long way in the last 10 years, and in general are fairly secure alone, however, the biggest risk with mobiles is not cyber criminals but in fact you! The biggest risk when it comes to handheld devices is the danger of them being lost or stolen, leaving your data in the hands of a stranger.

How to minimise the vulnerability

This is not a scare article, we are here to help you become more secure, as a business and individual. To minimise your risk of data leaks or personal information breaches, why not try the following tips;

  • Passwords/Pins – depending on the model of your device you will have different options to lock your mobile, whether it is a password, pin, pattern or face ID, it is very important to have this set up as this helps keep the information stored on your device safe.
  • Screen locking – you can set a time limit for your device to automatically lock if not done so, and for work devices we would recommend this being as short a time as possible. This allows for as little vulnerability as possible if your device is lost or stolen in a public place.
  • Tracking – Either you or your IT department are able to enable tracking on your mobiles, this is a great tool and if you were to lose your mobile, you can potentially find it and possibly wipe it remotely.
  • App Management – only install trusted apps, whether your company has policies in place, or you are unsure of which app everyone in the office uses, it never hurts to double check that you have the correct, trusted apps.
  • Updates – make sure you are keeping your apps and operating system up to date, to minimise security vulnerabilities.
  • Cloud Storage – Cloud storage is everywhere and mobile devices are no exception, you can save documents and photos straight into apps such as OneDrive, and access them from other devices. What’s more, this is also a great way to share files with colleagues, especially those which are too large for email.

Adopting the right policies to ensure you are secure is not only important for businesses but can also be quick and effortless. Mobile devices are often a forgotten vulnerability, preparing for all security weaknesses can save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

How can Nebula help?

As always we are on hand and ready to help, advise and work with you to keep your business secure.

We can offer training to teams or one-on-one, to ensure that everybody is on the same page, what’s more, we can help with business mobiles, from sim cards, mobile phones, to mobile management, we can help take the weight off of your shoulders.

Or just fancy a chat about your business needs, our team are here to offer friendly advice on all IT matters, big or small. Talk to us today to find out more information.

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