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Is Multi-factor authentication the new future?

16 Apr 2021
Author: Phoebe

Your password doesn’t matter, but MFA does

It’s true to an extent, with security software such as Multi-factor authentication (MFA), the strength of your password is less important as there are other methods, such as your phone notifications, or email there to provide a second barrier. Did you know that based on studies, your account is 99.9% less likely to be compromised if you use MFA? Let’s take a closer look into what MFA is and how it is designed to keep your data secure.

What is MFA and how does it work?

Multi-factor authentication, also known as MFA, is an authentication method that requires two or more verification methods to gain access to a resource. One example of this may be a password to your account plus a pin code sent to your mobile.

MFA is designed to keep your account secure, and in turn, protect the data this holds. The main benefit of using this process is that it ensures that the person accessing the account is the correct person and not an imposer.

With the rise of MFA, you are now able to use this method with most accounts, and this is something we cannot recommend more when it comes to securing your data.

Why should I use MFA?

It is true when people say that passwords are the weakest link in a security chain, and they are often the easiest way for a cybercriminal to access your data. You may have heard advice when it comes to passwords such as; never re-use the same password, use long passwords with letters and numbers, or use a passphrase instead of an easily guessed word, and this is all great advice, but actually, maybe it is time to focus on the bigger picture – Multi-factor authentication.

In many cases, a cybercriminal will already know your password, no matter the length or how secure you may think it is. But don’t misunderstand, we still recommend avoiding obvious passwords, as criminals may still use the method of guessing, but also because it is not always vicious hackers trying to access your data, but maybe someone you know or closer to home. Passwords should instead be thought of as one of the methods used to protect an account.

Your password strength should always be high, and this should be a priority no matter what, but you should also be adding MFA to the mix as well to further secure your data and keep those hackers at bay!

How can Nebula help you?

Here at Nebula, we are cyber security enthusiasts, we have developed solutions to help you, in all areas of your IT, to become more cyber aware and in turn more cyber secure! From email protection to antivirus, managed security to staff training, we are here to offer our help.

We can also ensure that your staff understand your business security inside and out, follow security rules and practices, and can even hold company-wide meetings and training sessions to make sure that everybody is aware of what they can do to keep your business safe and secure.

If you want to find out more about our security solutions and how we can help you get in touch HERE today!

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