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How much do you really know about Microsoft 365?

27 Aug 2021
Author: Phoebe

Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, has so many benefits for businesses across the world, which is why it is no surprise that over 1 million companies worldwide incorporate it into their organisations.

But many businesses are only just scraping the surface of what Microsoft have to offer. Tools designed to increase employee productivity, elevate collaboration and enhance business flexibility are at our fingertips!

Microsoft 365 for Business

For many, when we think of Microsoft 365, we think of emails. But are you making the most out of all the other apps and tools that are included? Following the pandemic especially, we are all more aware of how important it is to keep connected, whether as a business, on a personal level, or both. And Microsoft 365 really does have plenty of apps to enhance your productivity in the workplace. For example;


Easily communicate via emails and calendar access

Ms Teams

Stay connected using chats, calls or meetings

MS Word

Work on your documents in one easy space, even invite others to collaborate with you


Stay organised with a personalised to-do virtual checklist


Present your visions and adapt your creativity in an easy to use document

One Note

Collaborate with notes, drawings, screen clippings and much more

Encouraging flexibility with Microsoft 365

With Microsoft’s wide range of cloud-based apps, including OneDrive and SharePoint, to name a few, users are able to work seamlessly in the cloud. This not only helps keep your documents and data secure but also enables safer file sharing, collaboration, and the ability to work from multiple locations.

Whether you are working at home, in the office, or even in your local coffee shop, users are able to access their files, save new ones and also work collaboratively in a secure environment.

The benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 not only helps to encourage communication, collaboration and teamwork but also offers cost-effective solutions which are designed to improve productivity.

The benefits of M365 are plentiful, with one stand out – security! Microsoft are constantly improving their processes to ensure that your documents are as secure as possible. Reducing your security risks enables your company to be better protected against cyberthreats, and ensures that not only yours, but your customer’s data also is more secure.

Partner with Nebula – Your Microsoft 365 Consultants

Here at Nebula, we believe that Microsoft 365 is 9/10 the best solution for all businesses. Which is why are proud Microsoft partners, enabling us to offer all customers licenses, support and training.

We want you to enjoy the benefits that Microsoft has to offer, why not check out our Univertual portal today to get to grips with the ins and outs of your apps? Or simply get in touch today to find out more about your M365.

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