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Maximise the potential of your existing Microsoft Teams licence.

26 Feb 2021
Author: Phoebe

Giving Microsoft Teams a voice

By now we are all Teams geniuses, whether you have used it for; teaching classes, connecting with friends and family, meeting with colleagues, or simply using the chat to communicate throughout working hours. It is safe to say that Microsoft Teams has become a big part of many businesses throughout lockdown and the restrictions.

But did you know that you can utilise Teams even more? You can now benefit from the ability to make and receive external calls by enabling Teams as a full, Cloud-based, telephony solution. Let’s take a closer look into Microsoft Teams, and the benefits of making and receiving calls through it;


Microsoft Teams is proven to be highly reliable and resilient, based in the Cloud, it eradicates the need for physical telephone hardware and could potentially save you a few pennies on your telephone bills. Whilst we are all working from home, there is no better time to ensure that workplace rules maximise your security and business communications and continuity.

Cost Saving

Cost-saving is something all businesses enjoy, and by integrating Teams as your telephony source you can maximise your existing Microsoft 365 licence costs, whilst also gaining more flexibility, increased functionality and the ability to keep your same telephone number, no matter where your location. Its advanced call statistics can give you access to call stats, advanced management information relating to call handling, efficiencies, productivity, call patterns and even call behaviours. Plus when compared to Microsoft’s calling plans, you may be able to save money per user.

Complete Cloud Solution

As mentioned before, Microsoft Teams is fully Cloud-based, which is proven to be more secure than other options. This also means that there is no expensive initial outlay as there is no need for traditional hardware.


Flexibility is key, as we have all learned from the last year, this is why having a Cloud-based telephone can offer you business continuity, no matter where you or your colleagues are working from. Agile working allows for flexible and remote working, whilst also enabling collaboration.

Is Microsoft Teams telephony solution for me? Would it work for my business? The answer is yes, it is definitely an option for all businesses who are looking for a change. At Nebula, we are not here to push every new product onto our customers, but instead want to help you develop your existing infrastructure and processes, suggesting things that will work for your business.

If you want to find out more about Microsoft Teams telephony solutions, talk to us today. Because in a time when everything has moved online, why stop when it comes to telephones.

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