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Gadget of the month – Stay safe. Wash your hands. Wash your phone?

25 Nov 2020
Author: Phoebe

Modern life is dominated by smartphones. They are never out of our sight and rarely out of our grasp. A smartphone is like a third hand. A third hand that we never wash. 

With so much focus on washing hands, it got us thinking how clean phones actually are. Research shows that the average smartphone houses 18-times more dangerous bacteria than a public toilet (🤢). To make matters worse, smartphones spend long periods of time in warm places such as pockets and bags, creating a perfect breeding ground for germs. 

You can’t wash your phone with soap and water, but after some Googling, we found an innovative alternative. Now on its third version, PhoneSoap is the only phone charger that cleans while it charges. Simply put your phone inside the case, and PhoneSoap will neutralise bacteria with UV light. 

Designed to kill over 99.9% of germs, PhoneSoap cleans your phone in a matter of minutes with no liquid, heat or chemicals. It even comes with a built-in amplifier so that you can hear alarms and notifications while your phone is inside. Better still, PhoneSoap doubles as a universal charger and can be used to sanitise other items such as car keys and credit cards. An appealing gadget in times like these.

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