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Gadget of the month – Goodbye to cold feet

Published by Phoebe | Blog | 22 December, 2020

As winter draws in it can be hard to stay warm heading to and from the office. For those who have been used to working from home, the cold mornings will be quite a shock. There are only so many jumpers and socks one can wear.

While browsing the latest tech we came across Digitsole Cosy Feet, and if you suffer from cold feet, they are just what the doctor ordered.

They are heated insoles which you control with your phone. Not only does the temperature go to 45°C, if required, you can also track your overall physical activity with just one click. Waiting for that bus or train, or walking to the office, you’ll certainly feel more comfortable.

With a large part of the country still effectively locked down, those daily walks which are so good for mental health mustn’t stop because the temperature has dropped. Digitsole Cosy Feet could be perfect for that hike or winter bike ride. They might even come in handy on a skiing trip, once travel restrictions have lifted.

Anyone suffering from circulation problems will benefit too. A pair of heated insoles is said to work wonders and they do come recommended by the US Raynaud’s disease Association.

We’re feeling warmer already.