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Frontier Identify

Analyse and filter threats before they reach your inbox.

Our free Identify questionnaire helps us to create a fully tailored cyber security solution, just for you.

Frontier Assessment

Scan and diagnose your network to expose vulnerabilities.

Our technical tool is designed to give you a detailed picture of your cyber security health, ensuring the necessary improvements are made in order to keep you secure now and into the future.

Frontier Protection

Analyse and filter threats before they reach your inbox.

Phishing emails account for a large percentage of data breaches every year. Frontier Protection stops malicious emails from ever reaching your inbox, keeping your people safe.

Frontier Endpoint

Advanced AI & security team combo - 24/7/365 endpoint protection.

Powered by SentinelOne, powerful machine learning tools identify and kill active threats, fully supported by our 24/7/365 fully manned SOC team.

Frontier Shield

Monitor Microsoft environments to protect your data.

Our SOC team proactively detect, remediate and respond to real time events in your Microsoft 365 environment, keeping your data secure.

Frontier Network

Real time event and log analysis by our 24/7/365 SOC team to protect your network.

Frontier Network is a flexible, scalable solution with full SIEM and SOC capabilities that collects and analyses information from network devices, manages data logs, creates alerts and keeps a record of logs to protect your network 24/7.

Fully understand any and all cyber security threats with Frontier Identify

Frontier Identify is our free questionnaire. This is the start of our cyber security journey, and it provides us an insight into your current cyber security status.

It covers your current company policy, allowing us to put together a plan for where your cyber security plan needs to be in order to keep your organisation safe.

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Gain insights into your cyber security vulnerabilities.

Our comprehensive assessments incorporate a complete cyber security check, covering everything from the dark web through to endpoint user risk analysis.

Our engineers use an in-depth technical tool to provide a detailed, end-to-end picture of your cyber security health, covering:

  • The dark web 
  • Anti-spam methods
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Endpoint analysis
  • Up-to-date patching
  • Individual user risk assessments
  • IT infrastructure
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Monitor & secure your emails with advanced threat detection.

Emails are a cornerstone of most modern organisations. As a result, most cyber attacks start in your inbox. 

By filtering out data noise, Frontier Protection uses powerful machine learning techniques to prevent dangerous phishing scams from ever reaching your team.

  • Powered by machine learning – using advanced technology, Frontier Protection actively detects targeted attacks like CEO fraud and spear-phishing, as well as mass attack methods such as brand impersonation, malware and ransomware scams.
  • Protect your team – Most data breaches start with human error. Frontier Protection protects your people with informative warnings and industry-leading defence technology.
  • Improve organisational productivity – By removing spam and non-business communications from mailboxes, your team can crack on with their work without having to deal with emails that waste their time.

Save time, protect your data and provide peace of mind to your staff, all with Frontier Protection.

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If your organisation uses endpoint devices (laptops, desktops, mobiles, tablets, servers and virtual environments), then you need Endpoint protection.

Modern businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on their endpoint devices, which is proving to be a boon for cyber criminals looking for easy access to your data.

Frontier Endpoint is designed to secure all of your endpoint devices. Our 24/7 SOC team work to monitor activity, identifying anything suspicious using SIEM log analysis and state-of-the-art AI technology to rapidly respond, keeping your network secure. 

You focus on growing your business, we’ll focus on keeping your devices secure. Endpoint provides the staff and tools required to detect and deal with malware before it’s ever opened

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Protect your service with 24/7 proactive SOC monitoring by our experts.

Our fully staffed Frontier Shield offering ensures that your Microsoft- hosted environments are secure at all times.

We’re on hand to detect any unusual activity in real time  and alert you to any tangible threats.  For example, detecting when someone logs into Office 365 from two countries at the same time – red flag!

Frontier Shield allows us to rapidly secure your platform. When the SIEM system detects threats, our team will proactively act on your behalf in no time at all.

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Secure your network’s servers and firewalls with our 24/7/365 SOC team.

Frontier Network is a flexible, scalable SIEM solution that helps you meet requirements when working with regulated clients. Designed to collect and analyse information from network devices, manage data logs, create alerts and keep a full record to ensure that your network is completely cyber secure 24/7.

Perfect for SMEs, Frontier Network removes the unnecessary complexity of cyber security management. 

Our SOC experts will monitor your files and proactively investigate any potentially harmful activity in order to keep your network safe.

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Let’s talk about Frontier

The best part about Frontier? It’s modular!

Whether you’re looking for a very specific feature, or want to go the whole cyber hog, we’re here to help. Our fully-managed SIEM systems and 24/7 SOC service ensure that your business’ cyber security is monitored at all times.

For recommendations tailored to your business, get in touch with our specialist team today. Whether you’re an SME looking to bolster your cyber security, or a larger enterprise looking for additional support for your IT team, Nebula have the ideal solution for you.

Book your free Frontier Identify assessment to find out how Nebula can help.