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Fallen out of love with your IT support company?

Published by Phoebe | Blog | 04 February, 2019

Time to change your business IT support to a trusted, Bristol-based company?

It was like a whirlwind. They seemed so in to you and what your plans were, always answered the phone and promised they’d never let you down.

But a couple of years on, this Valentine’s Day, you realise you have fallen out of love with your IT support provider. Okay, that’s a tad dramatic. But let’s face it: If you are not getting what you need from your managed IT support, it can be a major drag on your business.

Poor response times

The most noticeable problem on a day-to-day basis may be poor response times when you call them up with a break/fix issue. Frustrating for you or your staff when you are waiting around trying to get something working again, falling behind with your tasks. And the more it happens the bigger the hit on your productivity.

Lack of strategic IT input

But poor service from a managed IT support provider could also be happening in far less obvious but more damaging ways. A simple one would be not taking an ongoing interest in your business and its direction. At Nebula IT for example, we will regularly check in with our clients to find out what their plans are and how IT can help and not hinder them.

This could be in the form of creating new efficiencies to cut costs – like automation, or better reporting on certain activities. Or it could be highlighting new technology that could allow you to expand service lines and grow your business that way.

And this leads us on to another damaging fault that your managed IT service provider could be guilty of: that is a lack of strategic input. This could be advising your senior leadership on budgeting, compliance (think GDPR for starters), and staying ahead of the curve on cyber security.

Again, at Nebula IT, we work with business owners or senior people in your organisation to give them a roadmap and required budget for their IT. This ensures they have the right ideas, and the right equipment at the right time, to meet their business objectives.

Hack attack and the phishing threat

Finally, there’s the big let-down from your chosen IT support company, when that data breach you’ve been dreading strikes. Sadly, in the age we live in, no-one can guarantee that you won’t suffer some kind of hack. But did your IT support do all they can to protect you and minimise the damage?

The biggest threat at the moment comes from employees falling for spoof emails, known as “phishing attacks”. Or when the emails are targeted, “spear phishing attacks”. In fact, 91% of successful data breaches right now start with a spear phishing attack. Something which we are offering, is free testing to see how prone your staff would be to falling for a phishing email. You can find out more here.

Time to change your business IT support to a local company in Bristol?

So if you have come to realise that your current business IT support company in Bristol is not giving you the care and attention you deserve, give us a call at Nebula. We nurture deep relationships with our clients to help them drive their businesses forwards with best IT practice. Call us today on 01454 534 009 to find out about our IT audit which will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current IT function.