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Everything you probably don’t know about Microsoft 365

12 Oct 2021
Author: Phoebe

Too many businesses today are being held back by outdated and expensive legacy software that’s unfit for the demands of the online era. 

By upgrading to Microsoft 365, your business benefits from cutting-edge IT tailored to your needs, which empowers teamwork and boosts productivity and profits – all for one monthly subscription.

So what’s new in Microsoft 365? How can it enable your business to seize new opportunities? And how can your organisation make the change with the support of Nebula?

1. It’s cloud-based and reliable

Microsoft 365 is the suite that’s long been the benchmark for office software. And now it’s been transformed for our online age. 

It’s made the move to the cloud, opening up applications to all your team members, whether working remotely or at your office premises. 

Reliability is guaranteed: Microsoft promises up time of 99.99%. Security is second-to-none, with multi-factor authentication protecting your vital data. 

And upgrades happen automatically, with Microsoft continually optimising existing applications and adding new ones to keep your business at the forefront of exciting advances in IT.

With support from Nebula, the Microsoft 365 package you choose can be integrated into your IT system, driving your business to reach new goals. 

2. It boosts your business productivity

The sheer scope of Microsoft 365’s productivity tools is astonishing. With a range of business and enterprise packages available, your organisation can tailor them to fulfil your own vision and needs for just one monthly subscription, with no hidden costs. 

This suite incorporates gold-standard applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive, supplying your business with essential office tools such as word processing and spreadsheets. 

Lesser-known functions that can quickly prove indispensable include mileage recording app MileIQ, and scheduling app Bookings.

In short: Microsoft 365 combines all the established yet innovative office applications your business requires to achieve and thrive.

3. It enables collaboration

Where Microsoft 365 really stands apart from earlier iterations is in its seamless integration of that productivity suite with powerful yet intuitive collaboration tools. 

Microsoft Teams has kept enterprises connected throughout the pandemic, integrating chat, content sharing, and essential tools into one platform. Sharepoint fosters teamwork through its focus on smart document management and sharing. 

Yammer is the security-conscious business social network that strengthens connections, raises team morale, and sparks ideas. And Delve, powered by Office Graph, uses machine learning to map your interactions across the Microsoft ecosystem, offering you tailored content plus new insights. 

All these functions combine to ensure your software is enabling business inspiration and cohesion, not reinforcing silo working. 

4. It offers innovative search capacity

Today’s enterprises are complex and multi-faceted. Data and content are vital – yet in huge volumes, they can obscure rather than enlighten.

Microsoft’s cohesive new Search function enables you to find the internal knowledge you need, helping businesses optimise their data and streamline their processes. It’s driven by the machine-learning capacities of Graph and Bing, and functions across Windows, Office, Outlook, and SharePoint, among other sources. 

Accessible through desktop and mobile devices, Microsoft Search ensures your data is at your fingertips, wherever you are. 

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