Why the changes?

The purpose of the upcoming changes is to upgrade CYN’s IT platform to not only ensure security of users and data but to ensure that the system is dependable and reliable for everybody.

What is changing?

The new CYN system is seeing the below items change:

  • Upgraded remote desktop servers for users
  • Upgraded GreenTree server
  • Single username/password combination for – Remote Desktop, PCs, Office 365 and WiFi access
  • New WiFi system installed at all locations
  • Your Office 365 password

How will the changeover impact me?

Nebula’s aim with Alex and the team is to keep any potential disruption to a minimum to allow for a smooth transition between the old and new system.

Nebula have been working with the CYN team to transfer all the existing programs, data and configurations over to the new platform for the last 4 weeks and we are now testing with a few selected CYN users.

We’ve configured the look of the new platform to be as close as possible to the existing one so you’ll see all the familiar icons and backgrounds. By default, the Intranet site will open as per usual and you’ll find all CYN’s data files in the usual spots.

To secure the new system we will be forced to update everybody’s Office 365 password on Friday. You’ll be notified of your new password ahead of any changeover ready for Monday 1st July“go live” date.

How will the change happen?

On Friday 28th after 5pm we will be migrating data from the old system (files, databases, user profiles and GreenTree) and putting that in the correct places over the weekend.

Users who will need access over the weekend (Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th) will be contacted directly to arrange for access.

From Monday, the only change for the user will be that instead of clicking the icon “ buy Lyrica 75 mg CYN 2012” we will make The internet open to a page that will let you download the NEW  icon for the remote desktop.

When is this change happening?

The change is happening from Friday 28th through to Monday 1st with the view that from the 1st all users will be logging into the new system.

Key Points

  • Change over window is  buy cheap Quetiapine with dr. prescription Friday 29th to Monday 1st
  • We will update your local computers to have a new shortcut on your desktop labelled “ Kivertsi CYN Azure 2019
  • Users will be informed via e-mail of their new passwords which will be changed later on Friday. Can this be done via text message as well?
  • From Monday you can login to your computer, WiFi and servers using your  email addressand password
  • SpiderGroup will no longer be involved with day to day server support

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