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Cybersecurity and the benefits of business training

26 Aug 2021
Author: Phoebe

There is often a common misconception that many businesses aren’t aware of cybersecurity threats, however, in reality, it’s not that they aren’t aware, but that they are unsure of what to do about them.

So let’s work together to educate and share the knowledge around cyber security, lets plan for the future, train those who need extra help or support, and work together to become more cyber-secure and cyber-aware.

Why is cyber security important?

As a business you hold a lot of sensitive data, a lot of which is personally identifiable information, it is, therefore, your legal responsibility to protect this as best you can. With laws such as GDPR in place, mishandling of this data is a fineable offence and your business could be at risk because of it.

Furthermore, it is not only the way that you handle data that could make your business vulnerable, but also your IT security as a whole. By being unsecure, your business could be susceptible to cyber attacks such as ransomware, phishing, or viruses. Attacks such as these can be expensive, and can permanently damage your business, both financially and reputation-wise.

How do I ensure my business is more cyber-aware?

Being cyber aware as a business is the first step, we don’t expect everyone to know the ins and outs of cybersecurity, and to be honest not everybody has to, be smart about your processes.

Training is really important, by understanding the business and how to protect it the best you can, you are able to plan ahead and future proof your business. Training is great because it can be aimed at staff at any level, and allows people to recognise and understand your vulnerabilities, and in turn, how to overcome them.

Who should be trained, is completely down to you – do you appoint a security champion? Do you have an in-house IT team? Or one member of staff who is more knowledgeable in this area? There is no wrong person/ people to train, as long as they have the time to implement these precautions and follow them through.

Be effective with your training, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and scary, it can be broken down into smaller chunks, or handled externally. It’s all about finding the best way for your business.

How can Nebula help?

As always we are on hand to help if you need us, we offer IT advice if you have processes in place and want to ensure they are effective enough, or simply if you are unsure of where to start. We also have cyber security solutions available which enable us to take control of your security needs remotely and protect your business from any potential threats.

Additionally, we offer specialised training whether one-on-one, via Teams or video links, group face-to-face training, or simply our online Univertual portal. Whatever works for you we are here to help.  Talk to us today, and we can work together to ensure your business security is keeping you safe.

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