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Cyber-security doesn’t start and end with IT

19 Mar 2021
Author: Phoebe

A chain is only as strong as your weakest link, and when it comes to security it is down to everyone within the business to help keep you safe.

Cyber-security bears a threat to all businesses, no matter what your location, size or sector, and these days as your business IT grows, unfortunately so does your threats. It is important to nurture your security as the effects can be devastating.

But who is responsible for cybersecurity in my workplace?

Well at Nebula we believe that if you have strong enough security measures in place then everyone can play their part in helping keep your business and its data secure. In most cases, businesses will have a dedicated IT team, whether they are internal or external, who will implement your security practices and defence. However, if these practices aren’t adopted by everyone within the business then you may not be as secure as you once thought.

The best way to stay on top of your security is by empowering your employees with the knowledge, because if everyone understands why you have these processes in place and the risks involved, then they will be more likely to abide by them.

What security measures should I have in place?

This is a common question, and unfortunately without knowing your business and day to day processes, not something we can advise on off the bat. However, there are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to keeping data secure, and these include;

  • Strong passwords or pass-phrases
  • Enabling MFA on your accounts
  • Email protection
  • Working in the Cloud
  • Keeping your workstation updated
  • Antivirus protection

How can I make sure that my employees are following these rules?

When it comes to following rules and practices, it is important that everyone within your workplace is aware, taking time to train your staff on the risks, management and processes could save you a lot of time and money in the future. With this in mind, you should also make it easy and accessible for your staff to follow these processes in their day to day work.

If you engrain this into your business culture at an early stage then this will become second nature to the people working with you.

How can I make my business more secure?

This is not an article about how to spend money, and in fact, security is not something you should throw money at without fully understanding. Keeping your business secure is about these three things

  • Nurture – making sure to nurture the solutions you have in place, whether these are new processes or old.
  • Monitor – always keep an eye on your security, and what is reporting to be a risk within your infrastructure
  • Adapt – adapting to those risks and threats could help save your business

How can Nebula help?

Here at Nebula we love all things cyber-security related, and have a variety of solutions, some big and some smaller, to help any business stay safe.

Did you know we can help put your business in the Cloud to help add an extra security level to your data? We also offer security solutions designed and adapted specifically to your business. What’s more, we offer personalised training sessions for you and your staff, to help keep everyone up to speed. And we even have a helpful Univertual learning platform that is free and available to anyone who needs a little helping hand with day to day problems.

If you would like help with your cyber-security, or maybe just some advice, give us a call today on 01454 534009 or email for more information on how we can work together to keep your business secure.

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